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Time to switch estate agents?

Are you struggling to sell your home with your current estate agent?

Would you like to switch to another estate agent but concerned that you'll have to pay two lots of estate agent fees? Stuck in a contract?


Switch over to Elopa today and we guarantee you'll only have to pay one fee. Or, use our OPEN HOUSE approach and you might not have to pay any fees at all! Stuck in a contract? Don't worry, we will provide you with the tools to walk away from your current agent today.

Switching estate agent has never been so easy and, with our Switching Guarantee - only pay one fee, you can relax in the knowledge that you won't pay more than you need to when selling your home.

So go on, switch estate agents today. It's easy, free and we guarantee just one fee (potentially no fees with Open House) to pay at the end! Get in touch or complete our quick online CONSULTATION REQUEST.

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