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At long last the Government have indicated they are to review the Estate Agency market place and about time too! At Elopa Estate Agents we have embraced this announcement, which focuses on making the sales process cheaper, faster and less stressful , creating a smooth journey for both buyers and sellers.  This is fantastic news for Elopa and our customers as we already do all of the above! And here’s how…


  • Better value - The Government have mentioned they want to make the buying process better value for money. With the Elopa Open House approach we don’t charge the seller anything, we sell for free!  You can believe us when we say it doesn’t get much better value than that.
  • Faster – Using our Open House approach we typically find a buyer within 4 weeks of your property being listed by minimising the time between listing, viewings, offers and sale.
  • Less stressful – Research carried out by Which? found that out of those surveyed buying and selling your house was one of the most stressful life events only second to divorce. At Elopa we remove this stress by holding the Open House for 45 minutes on a date and time that works best for you it removes the stress of lengthy periods of time with multiple viewings. Couple this with the Elopa Easy Move proposition, where we handle part of the administration process on behalf of our preferred conveyancers, Elopa take the stress out of the legal side of selling, or buying, your property whilst also allowing the sales process to happen a lot faster.


Other areas which the inquiry covers is the lack of information available on properties, gazumping/gazundering and the distrust between seller and buyer. At Elopa we already have measures in place that aim to directly resolve these issues.


  • Informing customers - With Easy Move you will have a dedicated contact at Elopa who will keep in touch with regular updates through your preferred means of communication whether that be text, telephone or email and be on hand to answer any queries you may have.
  • Getting your property sale ready - Because we handle the administration process on behalf of our preferred conveyancers we get a lot of the post-sale information that the conveyancers require before the sale takes place. This means as soon as the sale takes place the necessary information is ready to be shared with all parties ensuring your property is sale ready.
  • Building confidence – Government research discovered that 46% of sellers had worried that buyers would change their minds. With Elopa when an offer is accepted on a property the buyer must pay a commitment fee of £1000 which either party will have to pay back if they pull out of the transaction. This lets both the seller and the buyer know that both parties are committed to the sale and provides peace of mind on both sides reducing the chance of being gazumped. See our buyers guide for more details.
  • Gazumping – Whilst we can’t eradicate gazumping we do as much as we can to stop it from happening by taking the property off of the market as soon as an offer is accepted and not accepting any further offers once the buyer enters a contractual agreement.
  • Gazundering – Unlike Gazumping, we absolutely eradicate the effect of Gazundering as we will not allow the customer to reduce the offer once agreed by all parties.
  • Innovation – In a recent survey carried out by the National Association of Estate Agents 79% of Estate Agents surveyed think that the current home-buying process is out dated. The Open House approach is a breath of fresh air in the marketplace. Having been tried and tested in America and Canada it is not only fasterbetter value and less stressful but it can also get you the best price for your propertyBy setting a prince range instead of a fixed guide price it encourages multiple offers and allows you to choose an offer you are totally happy with. 
  • Digital marketing - As well as boosting your property across social media we also market across the main property sites including Zoopla, Rightmove and our own Elopa website to get your property maximum exposure.


You can see the full details of the government inquiry here:

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