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In honour of the fact that it was international Gin and Tonic Day on Thursday we’ve decided to bring you a list of some of the most popular G&T spots in the North East so you can indulge in your drink of choice this weekend!


Gin and Bear It - Sunderland

Opening in 2015 Gin and Bear It was Sunderland City centres first Gin bar. Located in the Sunniside Quarter the space was renovated by the owners of Bar Justice located just 5 minutes down the road. Stocking up to 50 different kinds of gin, a variety of tonics and an assortment of botanicals it’s a great choice if you’re fancying a G&T. 


Poetic License Bar - Sunderland

Located on the Sunderland sea front Poetic license bar doubles up as the cities first distillery serving a line-up of ever changing flavours of gin all distilled in house behind the bar. Whether it’s their classic Old Tom Gin or one of their speciality flavours like the Gooseberry and elderflower gin there is sure to be a flavour to suit everyone’s taste.


Tin of Sardines - Durham

What Tin of Sardines lacks in space it makes up for in gin! With a maximum capacity of 16 people the bar boasts an impressive 160 varieties of gin. With a gin distilled in Germany’s black forest that comes in at £35 a shot to hour long gin tutorials it is a must visit for gin lovers! But be sure to get there early…


Dacantus - Newcastle

With a range of gins from around the world and extra-large fish bowl glasses to fit them in Dacantus is another gin lover hotspot. Pairing complimentary gins, tonics and botanicals their speciality gin and tonic menu boasts around 90 tasty pairings. If that’s not enough they also offer gin tasting sessions!


Pleased to meet you - Newcastle

70 + gins and counting! Over the past 3 years Pleased to Meet you has developed a collection of different gins from around the world for you to enjoy. Whether you like it spicy or sweet they have you covered and if by the off chance your favourite isn’t behind the bar they encourage recommendations and will do their best to bring it to the North East.

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