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Hello from elopa

We are very local property agents living just around the corner from you. It's a very important difference which separates us from many other agents.

All of our agents work for themselves, running their own business under our trusted brand. Because they offer a one-to-one, personal service they are 100% accountable to you, their client. They are also fiercely protective of their very local reputation. Our agents simply must offer the very best service with the highest level of communication and it is this ethos which helps us to stand out. Not all of our agents have years of experience in selling houses but, because lots of traditional estate agents are untrusted and unliked, we have chosen to work with people who are passionate about delivering a great service. The 'EXPERT' part comes with the ongoing training and support we give them in order to understand the market and the process of selling and letting properties. Some of our agents DO have years of experience...we only handpick the good ones!

These days it's fair to assume that most people have been to the Channel 4 University of Estate Agency where esteemed Professors Phil Spencer, Kirstie Allsopp and Sarah Beeney lecture us in; what to look for when buying a property, how to negotiate, how to prepare your home for a viewing, how to choose an estate agent and many more modules. What the University doesn't teach us YouTube does!

Does this mean that estate agents are redundant? Not quite. Most people still want someone to guide them through the process smoothly and with the least amount of stress possible. We know that a one-to-one agency service is important - no passing the buck and a really focused approach to getting you moving. Our name may stand for Expert Local Property Agent but what we really wanted to call ourselves was Caring People Who Will Give A Great Service To Get You Moving At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Using Traditional Estate Agents but CPWWGAGSTGYMAAFOTCOUTEA didn't trip off the tongue!

Our Clear Fees Policy

We charge you a fee for a job well done. As a mark of our confidence in the service that we offer, we will NEVER tie you into a contract term.

If you have any queries at all, in relation to pricing or any part of our service please do not hesitate to contact us 24/7

We don't charge percentage commission. Our fees are fixed regardless of property value. Why should we charge you more when it costs us the same? Worried about whether we will be motivated to sell or let your property for the best price? Don't be. Again, it comes down to our agents ensuring they do everything to your satisfaction so that their local reputation for being trustworthy and great to deal with always remains intact.

The 10 Minute Viewing Feedback Promise

If you've ever sold a property before or perhaps you're trying to sell your property now, you'll no doubt have experienced the deflating feeling you get when you have to start chasing the estate agent to find out what potential buyers think of your property after the viewings have taken place! Annoying isn't it?

We want to create a big difference in the way we communicate versus the way other agents do. So, to show our commitment to doing this one of the things we do is promise to communicate feedback from all accompanied viewings to you, within 10 minutes of the end of the viewing. No more waiting around for the phone to ring only to have to pick it up and chase the agent a couple of days later. It's a simple thing and we are confident it makes a big difference. We are the ONLY agents in the UK brave enough to make such a promise. Communication. It's not difficult, is it?

"We are the exciting future of estate agency. Sell via our innovative Open House approach and there is no selling fee to pay. We'll sell your property for FREE"